Power purple

I went to the BBC seminar last night (45 minutes of jiujitsu), and then today to my first class in the advanced group. Of course it’s Fitness Week, as always the week after graduation. Started off with a few laps jogging followed by 100 jumping jacks, 100 punches from horse stance, 100 alternating front kicks. And on from there. 15 personkillers somewhere in there (jump, squat, thrust, pushup, stand; repeat 14 more times.) Ended up with two minutes of various legraiser variants, in theory without touching down. (I did.) Survived, though.

And I think I brought everything home from the dojo, unlike last night when I left my gloves (again) and my belt. (Which was brand new — the one I got Monday was a size 4, like my previous three, but I’ve always felt that was a little short, though I didn’t raise the subject. Sensei Nolan evidently thought so too because he asked if I wanted a longer one, and I said yes.)


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