Finally we got the walls completed and the door up on the chicken coop.  That’s it for the heavy lifting.

Friday night’s karate classes were cancelled, as I found out when I got there, so I got my new gi today. Having finished my first 6 months (actually 7) and signed on for more I’m now considered a BBC (Black Belt Champions) student and get a black gi with the BBC logo on the back, replacing the dingy formerly-white logo-less gi I started with. The style of the gi also is different, and I like the look better, though the fabric’s stiffer than that of the white one. What’s really cool though is the red gi you get with the black belt. Eventually.

3 thoughts on “Coop’n’gi

  1. What are toes? I believe I saw them in 1983, but I’ve forgotten where they were.

    Congratulations, Doctroid-san: wax on, wax off.


  2. Chris, you should start coming to my dojo, so I won’t be the oldest one in the class.

    There was a 63 year old woman who’d lost something like 250 lb before starting with us. I liked her. But unfortunately she apparently dropped out pretty quickly.

    There may be (in fact I think there are) some older people in the advanced class but in the basic class, I think I have 10 years on anyone else.

    Still, one should not confuse numerical age with being old. Not long before I started this I remember seeing a news story about a guy who was making his ballet stage debut at age 88. I wasn’t about to let him make me look like a wuss.

    And I can indeed reach my toes. One of the benefits of having long arms, you know.


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