Resolution review (Oct 2008)

Knitting: I suck.

[One problem is, I can’t read and knit at the same time, and I’m engrossed in reading these days — I’ve reread Brust’s Khaavren Romances, and now I’m rereading what someone dubbed the Vladiad. Usually when I reread a series I go through it in internal chronological order, but this time for a change of pace I’m doing it in publication order. I’m on Dzur now, so I’m nearly done; but I’m thinking maybe I should reread most of the rest of the Brust books too. Skipping Brokedown Palace, because I’ve read that twice and didn’t like it either time, and Freedom and Necessity, because I reread that not too many eons ago. But there’s also Anathem waiting for me, and Snow Crash which I’ve still not yet read, and a stack of books from a Scientific American Book Club (re)introductory offer about pi, 0, sqrt(-1), phi, aleph, e, and e^i*pi=-1… and too little time… but once I’m through the Vladiad maybe I’ll back off on the reading rate and get the knitting going again.]

Clarinet: I really suck.

[The plan was to do band over the summer, but not Thornden Morris, and then do Thornden starting in September. However, I missed most of the summer concerts and rehearsals due to Heather’s work schedule, and Thornden has decided to go on hiatus until January. However however, there’s Heather’s dad and there’s the chicken coop, so going back to band right now doesn’t seem a good idea. I could practice anyway, of course, but I don’t…]

Fitness: I’m doing okay.

[I’m back to walking in the Dome, even though parts of it are too darkened for reading [see above]. Thanks to SU’s Healthy Monday program I now have a free pedometer, with an unlit LCD display that’s nearly impossible to read in less than full sunlight, but hey, it was free, and I can now report once around the Dome is about 750 paces. Most days I do six times around.

[And Monday I got my first tip on my orange belt. I should get my black gi on Friday. My six month introductory contract was up in early September but they took a while longer to get around to renewing me. I had a choice of a one year contract or three years at, of course, a lower cost per month. Nerd that I am, I ended up making a spreadsheet showing expected costs over three years under the one year contract with various assumptions for the likelihood of dropping out in the first two years. Turned out it’d need what I felt was a surprisingly high probability of dropping out for the expected cost to be lower than with the three year contract, so I opted for the latter. Yep, I’m in it for the long haul.]


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