Slings, arrows, cream pies, and molehills

1. My mom and sister live in Houston. My sister and her husband actually are visiting his family in England, so they missed all the fun.  (A couple years ago they were in England for Christmas, and it snowed in Houston. Maybe they should stay away from England.) Apparently a neighbor reports their house is OK. As for my mom, she’s in a retirement home with a nursing facility, so she sits right up at about the top of the priority queue. They had power back by Saturday night. Water and cable took a couple days longer. The staff stayed overnight, meals were prepared, and she came through it all just fine.

Also, she reports the arm she broke a couple months ago has pretty much healed. She’d been confined to a wheelchair because she couldn’t use her walker, but apparently she’s happily done with that.

2. Ike paid us a visit too, teaming up with a cold front Sunday night to Monday morning to give us 59 MPH winds but little rain. It sounded pretty bad but I’ve seen very little damage. A lot of areas lost power; ours flickered but stayed on. Half the traffic lights on my Monday morning commute were out, though.

3. Heather’s dad is, as of last night, still in the ICU. The doctor had been fending off the insurance company as long as he could, but was going to send him to another floor Monday; then Bill spiked a fever so he stayed put. Fever went away and cultures were negative so maybe today he’ll move. The main thing keeping him there was trouble swallowing — the doctor didn’t want him aspirating on a floor where they might not notice for a while. They had some trouble last week getting a feeding tube into his stomach, but they finally did — and now it’s out again and apparently he’s swallowing well and eating solid food. He’s still very weak and has no voice, but he’s improving.

4. We’ve finished framing the coop walls and roof. We’ve been using surplus materials where possible, but at this point we need to buy some stuff. The miter saw is great.

If we’ve lost any chickens the past few days I’m not aware of it. They’ve been sleeping in the machine shed rafters. How we’re actually going to get them into the coop I have no idea, but it’s not my problem, is it? I did rig up a motion-activated lamp in the machine shed which might be helping scare off predators.

5. Kenny gets his blue belt tonight.


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