The former goat stall isn’t working out well as chicken shelter, so we’re building a chicken coop:

Coop under construction
Coop under construction

It’s a Frankensteinian mix of new and experienced wood; the prospective tenants seem to think it’s OK so far. As new projects justify new tools, I bought a framing level. And, um, a compound miter saw. Also yesterday I bought a benchtop band saw, but it was at a garage sale. $5. Delta. Only thing wrong with it is a stripped tensioning screw, says the former owner, who’s a friend and neighbor so I trust her.


One thought on “Cooperation

  1. My goodness, that brought back memories of shoveling chicken manure out of an old coop 40 years ago. My Dad wanted free fertilizer and my nasal cavities were absolutely scoured out by the power of ammonia.

    Good times, good times.


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