Resolution Review (September 08)

I got to a concert this month, didn’t I?  I think so, one.  Would’ve been two if it weren’t for the pancreas thing.

I don’t know of any more concerts scheduled this year — in years past the band’s done a concert in December, but this year it was moved to August. Anyway, my plan is to switch over from band to morris. Last May I decided band on Tuesdays and Thornden Morris on Wednesdays (and karate on Mondays and Saturdays and taking Kenny to karate on Mondays and Fridays and Saturdays and taking Kenny to piano lesson on Wednesdays) was too much, so I took the summer months off from Thornden. From here on I’m taking time off from band and going to Thornden practices. I guess if Thornden cancels more than 24 hours in advance I might go to a band practice instead — Heather’s schedule permitting, which has been much of the problem with attendance this summer.

And I might, might find a way to start doing better on practicing. We’ll see.

Knitting… well, still no sweater, still no continental, and the project I started back in what, June? is coming very very slowly. I’ve been feeling more like reading than knitting. But I’m working on it.

Karate’s coming along fine.  As of August 20th I’m a mau… no, no, an orange belt, and in a few days I’ll have been at it for six months, which means it’ll be time to commit myself, get into the black gi, and press on to the matching belt.  I’m good with that.  The white gi’s getting dingy.


2 thoughts on “Resolution Review (September 08)

  1. Just curious… do you think if you had had this level of training 30+ years ago the encounter in downtown Worcester would have turned out differently? (Wait a sec – that was you, wasn’t it? M-M-Memory reliability check….)


  2. “This level”? Hardly. Six months in the dojo versus a life on the streets… no comparison.

    How about black belt level? Probably not. For one thing, even that level of training might not balance his experience (and who knows, he could’ve been a black belt too). For another, he didn’t attack me. Both on principle and because I think it would have been unwise, I wouldn’t have attacked him.

    At black belt, or at orange, if he’d attacked me I’d’ve used what I know to try to defend myself. Of course. And at orange belt I would’ve been better equipped to defend myself than I was. But that’s a completely different scenario from what happened.


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