Resolution review (August 08)

As suggested last month, I’m not even trying to keep up on clarinet these days. In fact I missed one band practice and two concerts in July, only getting to this week’s concert in Tully. Next week we’re off, and the next two weeks are concerts I also expect to miss. Tuesdays are dicey this year: Heather has to work late frequently, and I can’t just bring Kenny along to the concerts because I can’t keep an eye on him.

I’m still working, very slowly, on that (English, non-sweater) knitting project I started a month ago.

I’m continuing to walk in Thornden Park on days when weather is decent. On one of the two days I was in Newport News I used a ski machine in the hotel’s fitness room. And, of course, karate continues; as of about a week ago I’m a second tip yellow belt and due to move up to orange in August. The two adult orange belts we had a month ago graduated to purple in July and moved to the advanced class so… the second tip yellows are the highest rank in the beginning class now.


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