Wine, wine

In back are five gallons of what started out as a Mezza Luna White from a kit I bought Heather for Christmas 2006. What with one thing and another she didn’t start it until a few weeks ago. When she racked to secondary the siphon slipped while unattended and about half the wine ended up on the floor.  (Yes, the beautiful, immaculate hardwood floor you see here.) She topped off with water and various fruit from the freezer and we’ll see what happens.

In front is one gallon of black raspberry wine (or rather must) which I started this weekend. I’ve never fermented in a bucket covered with plastic wrap, but that’s what the recipe calls for and I’m following the recipe — I’m even using the yeast it specifies, it being to my surprise one of about eight varieties available at the local winemaking supply store. I bought one packet each of that and another out of general paranoia, which seemed to be justified when I tried rehydrating. So I started the other and it seemed to be doing better, and then I threw some yeast starter mix into the first one and it took off. So I’m using that.

I also brought black raspberries to the dojo for the senseis, and friends of Heather’s have come over to pick, and we’re still up to our armpits in the stuff.


2 thoughts on “Wine, wine

  1. Mainly what I remember is mold.

    I have yet to make a mead (even that year when Heather was keeping bees) but perhaps someday. With better ingredients and procedures, I dare say.


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