I cleaned out the rear entry, or at least the stuff on the floor — the shelves still need to be dealt with, but at least we can now navigate to the dryer without dislocating something. I mowed the lawn.

Heather’s mom, mom’s boyfriend, sister, sister’s husband, and sister’s two sons came over. (Heather’s mom and mom’s boyfriend are here on a visit from Tacoma.) We had a cookout, and the kids got presents (Early Birthday for Kenny, Late Birthday for Mitchell, and Because Kenny and Mitchell Got Presents for Sam) and played with sparklers.

We didn’t go to see fireworks that night, or any other.


I made a run to the transfer station and the drugstore, and did some touch-up mowing and trimming.

Kenny left for Buffalo with his grandparents to visit his great grandmother and some other relatives. We stayed home and had a party. Pretty good turnout, all of them Heather’s invitees as it turned out, some from work and most from SCA. There was lots of food and lots of drink, and by the time the party was over there seemed to be more of both than we started with. Though we did finally finish off the Glenfiddich we’ve had on our shelf for a long time.


That’s another post.

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