Resolution review (July 08)

Halfway through the year.

I’m beginning to think perhaps the problem I’m having with the clarinet resolution is that it’s basically impossible — given my present situation and priorities. There’s just too much going on and too much variation in schedules to fit practicing in a lot of the time. I may just have to admit defeat on this one.

I’ve done a few (very few) rows of continental knitting this month; it’s still very clumsy, tiring going. But! I’ve started a project. I’m doing it English style, and it’s not a sweater, so it doesn’t directly address my knitting resolution; but it’s the first project I’ve started since last year and the only one actually active, aside from the continental swatch, so it’s somewhat significant.

I’ve been walking a little less this past month than I had been. But I’ve done some — lately I’ve been doing a circuit of Thornden Park. I’m keeping up with the karate (yellow belt, first tip). We have, by the way, some new white belts in the adult class including one 61 year old woman, so I’m not always the oldest one there any more. And yes, my big toes are fine, both of ’em.


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