Age of house

A few days ago I wrote:

I just discovered the county’s tax records say it was built in 1860, which given what I know of the property’s history seems to me to make more sense than the 1830s, but as far as I know either or neither could be correct.

Since then I’ve been back through the research I did in 2003, and it’s reminded me there’s evidence this house existed as early as 1852. There’s a map of Onondaga County, showing two houses close together on this section of road, and there’s an 1860 map showing the same two houses, the one on the north labelled “J. F. Wylie” (maybe it’s “J. P.”) and the one on the south labelled “M. R. Bronson.” The deeds show in 1860 the property north of the present pipeline — which is where our house is — belonged to Amgenett Bronson Wylie, wife of [J.?] Pinckney Wylie and sister of Marcus Bronson, owner of the land south of the pipeline. The 1852 map labels the north house “S. Bronson” and doesn’t label the south house. Presumably “S. Bronson” refers to Samuel Bronson, who however died in 1850 leaving his land divided between his grandson Marcus, his son Malvin, and his widow Phebe (who herself died in 1859, at which point her property was divided between Marcus and Amgenett). So it appears Samuel, who had owned part of the property by 1805 and all of it by 1820, was living in our house — or one in about the same location — at the time of his death.

Both houses also appear on an 1874 map, both labelled “M. Bronson” (Amgenett having sold her share to Marcus in 1861). The south house no longer exists, did not exist in 1955 according to a topographic map I’ve seen, and apparently did not exist, not even a foundation, at the time Heather’s grandfather bought the property in 1946.


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