Twister or not

Yesterday afternoon Heather called me to tell me to try to reach someone at Kenny’s school picnic (she had to get back to work): The Weather Service had posted a tornado warning for a storm coming through that area in about ten minutes. I reached someone who was able to get the message through and the kids were taken to shelter.

That storm continued on through Syracuse. I think the worst part of it passed north of us. By that time, or right after, the tornado watch was lifted. I went back to my office from the hallway chair in the basement where I’d been following the radar on on my laptop, in time to see some pea-to-marble size hail falling.

But I didn’t see extraordinary wind, and I’ve seen no mention of a tornado, or even the tornado warning, in the news reports. They talk about the hail, but no tornado. Nor does there seem to have been much damage done (though I did see a line down). As I understand it a “tornado warning” means a tornado’s been seen, though I suppose it might have been an error in this case.

The kids came back outside once the storm passed and continued with their picnic.

In other news, last night I got my first yellow belt tip.


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