Bit of an update

We had our first concert of the season Tuesday, in LaFayette. For the second year in a row the outdoor venue was rained out and we played in our usual rehearsal location, the elementary school cafeteria (which has a stage). Based on past experience and the high heat we’d had that day I expected it to be sweltering, but Tuesday’s rain was accompanied by a temperature drop, and with the windows propped open (not, despite certain trombone players’ suggestion, with a clarinet) we were reasonably comfortable. We played fairly well, I guess.

The Binghamton Morris Men are going to the Sudz this weekend, but without me. Too much family obligation — Heather has family in from out of town (indeed, some from out of continent) and Sunday’s Father’s Day. And if I were to leave early Sunday to get home for most of Father’s Day I’d have to drive the 200+ miles each way solo — and pay for 400+ miles’ worth of gas (under a tankful, if I took the Prius, but a tankful’s $40 these days.)


2 thoughts on “Bit of an update

  1. The Binghamton Men’s Gilbertsville tour is April 25-26. The Sudz is June 6. For the Syracuse morris teams, May Day is, well, May 1. I think there’ll be a May celebration in Cortland on May 3. That’s all I know right now.


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