The view from the street

The Goolge Maps Street View car didn’t quite make it to our road. This is beautiful downtown Onondaga Hill, though. (For some reason when I follow this link, the man-icon is standing on the wrong street, about a mile north of the correct intersection — Routes 173 and 175 — but the street view is correct.)

About the closest they got as the crow flies is Route 11A in the Onondaga Nation territory. View is roughly toward our house, about a mile and a half distant.

Nor did they hit Roosevelt Ave (where we lived for six months in 2000) nor Miles Ave (I owned a house there 1994-2000), but here’s where I lived 1988-1994.

Addendum: Oh, and Major Zed and I lived here once.

Addendumdum: Guess they did the photography last fall sometime.


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