Hot stuff

Apparent temperature, 5 pm

(Could be worse. I could be Major Zed.)


2 thoughts on “Hot stuff

  1. We spent the daylight hours yesterday in our finished lower level at 75 degrees. Around 5 pm we went back upstairs – it was 88 on the main level and 95 on the second floor – and turned on the central air. It got down to 80 within a few hours. (It took only a half hour to get noticeably drier.) We turned it off and went to bed with the box fan aimed at us. This morning it was 85 in the bedroom. Today looks like deja vu all over again.


  2. Yesterday was not deja vu. It was hotter inside and I made the mistake of letting outside air in so it got humid, too. Warmer downstairs, too. Took from 4pm to 8pm for the a/c to knock it down from 91 to 86. Fortunately there was a cold front (with thunderstorm) late last night and we’ve been airing out with nice cool dry air all morning today.


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