Resolution review (June 08)

This is getting a little repetitious. Tough.

I’m doing better on the knitting thing: in May I did, I think, four rows of continental. Which is to say virtually nothing, but a lot more virtually nothing than in the preceding months.

I really need to figure out how to fit clarinet practice in. Concerts start next week. We’re not performing “Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion” by P. D. Q. Bach, but it is a recent addition to our folders. We are playing “Overture to Candide” (Bernstein), “Four Norfolk Dances” (Sparke), “Second Suite” (Holst), “Jubilant Overture” (Reed), “Prelude, Siciliano, and Rondo” (Arnold), “Ballet Parisien” (Offenbach), and a few other things.

Karate’s fine. I’m enjoying it, really — haven’t had to drag myself to the dojo in spite of myself yet. Haven’t done as much walking. The Dome was off limits for graduation preparation for a while, and I’m not sure it’s really on limits over the summer: last time I went the doors were open and no on threw me out, but no one else was walking and sections of the corridor had the lights out. I left after one circuit. I’ve done some walking outside, but between wind, unlevel terrain, and obstacles of the animate and otherwise variety it’s pretty hard to walk and read at the same time, which is one of the attractions of the Dome. I suppose I could borrow audio books from the library and listen to them on my iPod, if I had an iPod.

I suppose I could get an iPod.


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