This weekend Heather put a ring of rocks on the dirt above the septic tank cover, and planted tomatoes in the ring and cilantro outside it (click images to see larger versions):

She planted peppers nearby:

and strawberries:

and more tomatoes near the stump of one of the cedars we cut down recently:

I mowed the lawn:

and I yanked some grapevines. They’d covered what was once a pear tree, which died and eventually fell over about three years ago. Before Saturday you could hardly see the fallen tree or the locust tree growing next to it:

Here are the vines I pulled off them:

We cut down an annoying sumac growing near the house:

We dug up some rocks, remains of an old stone wall that crosses the back yard. Some went to make a fire ring:

We moved an old junk snowblower attachment that’s been sitting there for, I don’t know, decades, in the way. It’s still in the way, but now it’s consolidated with an old junk riding mower that’s been sitting there for, I don’t know, decades. Behind is an old trailer that was sitting somewhere else for decades until we moved it about five years ago. All this junk has to go, but not just yet:

I ran the riding mower (the functioning one, not the one above) around the orchard. Obviously we need to do some trimming:

Looks like we have a few apples coming:

Definitely some plums:

and, as usual, blackcaps:

Heather harvested some radishes:

Besides all that Kenny and I went to karate, we went out for ice cream, we watched The Karate Kid, Kenny pulled several hundred garlic mustards, we rescued our screen tent that was blowing away, I cleared out some junk from under grapevines and berry canes… we did a lot.


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