Memorial Day weakened

I stayed home Thursday and Friday with a cold, which seemed to be going away over the weekend, but late Saturday either it or my usual spring pollen allergy, or both, hit me with a double whammy. Sunday I was pretty much functional until evening when the congestion and coughing got bad again. Yesterday was better, though I didn’t feel up to making the drive to LaFayette in the morning to play for the Memorial Day parade.
Saturday we got some yard work done, clearing out the debris in the front yard, finally, from the removal of the bushes, hacking away at some grape vines and berry canes that were taking over sections of the back yard, radically pruning a mock orange that was largely dead (and dead mock orange, may I say, is about the brittlest wood I’ve ever seen), doing some mowing. Heather planted stuff too.
Sunday we opted to take most of the day off and go for a drive. I wasn’t sure where we’d end up when we set out, but it turned out to be Old Forge. We stopped in their huge general store and did some shopping, then headed back home.
Yesterday was also mostly a day off, with Heather’s sister and one of her kids coming over for dinner.


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