Garden variety post

Yikes, the grass is growing fast. I mowed it again. Except the front lawn which is still littered with a gazillion pounds of diced shrubbery.

I got some climbing strings up for the hops, using a new and improved two-tripod system. Which has only fallen over once so far.

We planted a Sops of Wine apple tree out in the front yard years ago, along with three other fruit trees which have since died. The Sops is still alive, remarkably enough, despite neglect, overshadowing by a chestnut, and the chewing of the deer. It got chewed nearly to death one year but survived. It has not, however, thrived; it is still smaller than the trees we just planted. Today we decided maybe it’d be happier with its own kind, so we dug it up and stuck it in the orchard. I found a piece of wire fencing to put around it, and gave it its own Ivory-Soap-in-a-sock deer repellant. I watered all the apple and pear trees and mowed around them. One of the new Roxbury Russets has blossoms on it, fer cryin’ out loud. I am tempted to have my wife talk with it in her professional capacity. The (older) Medaille d’Or has blossoms too, so maybe the Roxbury can pollinate it.

West of the garden, five or six or so years ago, there was a stand of sumac which I annihilated. Well, I annihilated the above ground portion. Needless to say, since then it’s all come back. But back there also are some berries which I thought were red raspberries until I showed them to Heather’s Aunt Fran who said, no, they’re some other kind of berries — can’t remember what kind she said it was. Anyway, I decided they’d be easier to get to if I mowed the area between them and the orchard, which would be easier if I got rid of the sumac between them and the orchard, which also would give them more sun, which might be good too. So… I got rid of some sumac. Not all of the sumac that side of the garden, just the ones in the to-be-mowed area. And then I mowed it.

I’m not sure what all Heather did — I know she put tomato plants in. I think last time she put tomato plants in before Memorial Day she later asked me to remind her not to do that. Also the time before that. And the time before that. And then she sneaks out and does it while I’m not looking.


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