The chop

This past weekend I got both lawnmowers started.

I knew I’d have to at least recharge the battery in the Deere rider, so I started with the Yard Man push mower. Changed the oil, added gas, pushed the bulb a few times, pulled the cord, and it started. I love that mower. Had it since about 2000 and I’ve never gotten around to more service than changing the oil, and it starts with no trouble almost every time and does a good job.

The Deere, on the other hand, gives me trouble sometimes. This time I charged the battery, filled the tank (I haven’t changed the oil yet, but I should), and turned the key, and it didn’t start.  I went away, came back a few minutes later, tried again, and it started right up. Yay. By then I’d done our yard with the pusher, but I took the rider up the hill and back, near the orchard and garden, across from the woods path to the hill path just west of the woods, and, in a what the hell moment, along a path I’d cleared last year through the woods around the back of the machine shed.

Should have mowed the lawn two weeks ago, I suppose, but better late than never.

Heather’s dad showed up yesterday with his electric chain saw and took out the shrubbery in front of the house. It was a bunch of arbor vitae or something of that sort that was planted maybe 30 years ago and since took over half the front yard. You can see it here. We discovered a set of rectangular pavers crossing from the driveway to the front steps, buried under dirt and shrubbery — a couple of decades ago that was the path to the door. Anyway, that evil stuff is gone now, aside from a couple of stumps. Heather planted pumpkins in the newly exposed dirt. You may think substituting pumpkins for shrubbery is weird. You may not be Heather.

She also planted a lilac bush I bought her for Mother’s Day, and maybe some other stuff. I didn’t plant anything. Nor did I get around to putting up supports for the hops, but that can wait a few more days.


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