May Day, so good it happened twice

Thursday, the real May Day. Pretty much the usual Syracuse May Day things happened, for better or worse. The new morris team, officially still nameless, made its debut. Griffin’s Corners Morris, for the first time since 2001 (when it didn’t exist) didn’t perform at Thornden Park, but did appear once later.

It was nice to be dancing with a regulation size morris team in Syracuse again, after a lapse of about six years.

Sunday, ersatz May Day for Cortland. Heartwood and the new team did some dances, and there was a maypole. Which was mostly staffed by morris dancers, there being not that much audience.

Here’s a picture:

New team dancing in Cortland

And more pictures here.

With that out of the way, no more morris dancing for me for a while. I’ll probably take time off to help my tendonitis abate more than it has.


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