Resolution review (May 08)

April was largely a rerun of March.

1. Karate’s progressing well. I haven’t been jamming toes lately. I have been dealing with some Achilles tendonitis, but I think that’s under control. The colored-belt deficit has eased a little since the yellow belt moved up to orange and a couple of white belts graduated to yellow. They’re still outnumbered by the white belts, of which we have a few new ones. But I think at least four of the white belts have two tips and will move up to yellow in a couple weeks. I’m one of them.

Still Dome walking, and the increased morris activity counts, too, as exercise — but that’ll abate after this week.

2. Still not practicing enough. I did bring a clarinet (the $10.57 one) to Gilbertsville and practiced a couple times there.

3. No knitting at all this month.


5. Doing fine.


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