At Home

This upcoming week is trash pickup week, when large piles of old mattresses, toilets, sofas, and other stuff appear along the roads in the town… and pickup trucks cruise the roads looking for stuff before the town picks it up. We’ve put our share out. I hauled out a lot of crap from the basement which has, so far as I know, not been cleaned out in twenty years or more. I haven’t cleared out everything. Most notably there are still several cardboard cartons (or, in many cases, former cardboard cartons) full of lump coal, from back when they had a coal furnace here. I tried looking for some coal-burning homesteader type to haul it away but to no avail.

Last weekend Heather drove down to Ithaca to pick up the fruit trees we’d ordered from Cummins Nursery: six apples (three each Liberty and Roxbury Russet) and three pears (Aurora). We’ve planted them near where we planted trees back in 2002 and 2003… about three of which appear still to be alive in spite of neglect, deer, and Heather’s dad’s lawnmower. Two of those were cider apples I put wire fencing around. The last of the apples without fencing appear to be dead. The most successful tree, a plum, had no fencing around it — until last winter something chewed on it and I threw a spare circle of fencing around it.  I’ve bought more fencing for the new trees but haven’t put it up yet. Don’t tell the deer.

Heather’s been gardening, digging up beds and planting peas and flowers and whatnot. My gardening has been limited to observing the hops, all four, are sprouting again.

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