Resolution review (April 08)

1. I’m keeping this resolution. Keeping the hell out of it. After eight karate classes I think my body’s starting to get used to it. I said starting. I do seem to find a way to jam or otherwise whack one big toe per class (fortunately I alternate — and tonight I didn’t hurt either one), and I somehow bruised my left hand Saturday. I don’t remember doing it. I suppose it might not even have been at karate. Anyway, Saturday I got my first belt tip, so I’m officially not rankest-of-rank-beginner any more.

There seems to be a white belt glut, by the way, or rather an orange and yellow belt deficit. Last Monday, for instance, we had a larger than usual class, but partly because it was Buddy Week and there were three buddies there trying it out; besides them there were, I think, one blue belt (in our class because he brought a buddy), one orange, one yellow, and four? six? white. Tonight’s class: five white belts.

Besides karate, I’ve been doing some walking at lunch time in the Carrier Dome.

2. Adding karate to what I do means less time in which to practice clarinet. Sigh. Gotta work on that problem. Band is meeting and I’m working on band music.

3. Erm, I got out the knitting bag again tonight and did a little, very little, very bad, continental.


5. Still doing it.


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