Aftermath 2

Huh. Last night I deliberately held back on the number of pushups I did because I wanted to be able to move today. Turns out today I feel better than I did two days after the first lesson. Guess I can work myself harder then.

Hm, a few words, I suppose, about the dojo. It is of course the same dojo Kenny goes to, and it is I am sure the sort of McDojo that gives hard core traditionalist karate practitioners fits. They do no single particular style of karate, and indeed not even pure karate but a hybrid with other martial arts. But it’s very much a good kind of place for Kenny; he has fun there, he always enjoys it, and I think it’s helping improve his focus, his self-discipline, and his sensory integration. And watching him there for the past six months I’ve been surprised to find myself thinking, hmm, that could be fun for me too… and good for me, physically. There are two main teachers, and I think they both do a great job; that’s a big factor in why I like the place.

When I asked about lessons I was pleased to learn there’s a discount for family members of students. Then when I went to pay up I was told they have a Father’s Day special, 6 months for the price of 3 for fathers of students, and even though we’re three months away from Father’s Day they decided to give it to me anyway. Cool.


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