Resolution review (March 08)

[edited for better reference to morris team — 19 Apr 2006]

1. Operation Sekrit Plan is a go! All will be revealed here in the upcoming week. Meanwhile I did get out and walk the road… well, a couple of times this month. I would have done so today (I claim) had my son not talked me into taking him to the zoo, where we walked around the loop which amounts to much the same thing. Having the flu didn’t help as far as exercise the first half of the month.

Also, I’m doing the new morris team thing, but that’s only one evening every two weeks.

2. I’ve gotten the clarinet out. I’ve played some scales. I’ve played some long tones. I haven’t done nearly as much as I should, but I’ve done more than nothing, which is something. Band starts up again Tuesday.

3. Prompted by not wanting to report a complete zero here for the month, I just got out some yarn, watched this video and this one (they teach different methods, and I’m trying the second), and knit a row of stitches in the Continental style. Yikes, that’s going to take some getting used to. That’s it for the knitting this month. I’ve decided to put one of the projects I’d started on hold (as opposed to its being on hold without my having decided anything, which is what it was and the other is.)


5. Two for two.


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