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Carmina Burana, alternate lyrics.


3 thoughts on “Random link propagation

  1. For future reference, the lyrics are:

    Oh, four tuna
    Bring more tuna
    Statuary on his knees
    Some men like cheese
    Hot, temperate cheese
    Vimto can taste of kidneys
    Lukewarm two rat
    Bet too cool, rat
    You don’t get cheese or chicken
    Bend chips all day
    Hot and salty
    Dip sore feet
    Good, hot chili
    Saucy codpiece
    Ate spleen of niece
    Brought up too full food in me
    Suck juice from moose
    Fun with some goose
    Second these so rude big knees
    Open bra top
    Get them loved up
    Leaking foot when near cherries
    Look, they look good
    Dogs sure look cute
    Farewell to knees and berries
    Salsa cookies
    Windmill cookies
    They’ll give you gonorrhea
    This octopus
    Let’s give him boots
    Send him his carburetor
    Lovely Torah
    Send me more of
    Potato soup and chicken
    What mess again?
    Sing it, ugly
    Be good for Peace Monkey’s sake

    It’s really a rather interesting phenomenon: a lot of the “alternate lyrics” bear very little resemblance to the original lines, yet when I listen to the recording while reading the “alternate lyrics” it really sounds as if the chorus is singing those words, or at least something close to them. For instance the fourth to last line, “Potato soup and chicken”; the original is “Corde pulsum tangite”, not very close at all. Yet if I’m reading “Potato soup and chicken”, it sounds like that’s what they’re singing.


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