Colony at the far end of the galaxy, check…

One of the odd things about physics is that once in a while the tools created to attack one problem turn out to be useful in studying what might seem very different problems. Elementary particle theory, for instance, owes a fair amount to techniques developed in condensed matter physics.

It gets odder than that, though, because some physicists have taken methods used in studying material systems and applied them to other systems not normally considered within the realm of physics — things like epidemiology, sociology, or ecology. At which point you wonder: is this physics? Is physics defined by what is being studied… or by the way in which it is being studied? It seems to get harder and harder these days to come up with a good definition for what physics is.

Anyway, here we have physicists muscling in on linguistics. Trying to explain New Zealanders.

From the last paragraph, it seems Dr Seldon‘s influence is at work. Are the Kiwis working on an encyclopedia, by any chance?


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