Resolution review

January’s a stupid time for resolutions, isn’t it? The holidays are over and they’ve left you tired out. It’s cold and grey and just getting out of bed and going to work seems like a major accomplishment. And you’re supposed to improve yourself? Of course summer would probably be even worse, since you’re too busy running around having fun. September, maybe, if you’re not involved in academia, but if you are, way too much upheaval then. I don’t know.

You might be entertaining a suspicion that my resolutions are turning out not to be a piece of cake. Have some pie.

1. The Sekrit Plan is not yet in effect. No, I’m not stalling. It needed to wait until after my trip to Newport News — which is now over, I drove home yesterday. So there may be news on this front soon. Meanwhile, while staying at the Jefferson Lab Residence Center, they put me in the room next to the exercise room. I took that as a sign, so I used the treadmill three times. Only three; no time during the last week.

2. I’ve picked the clarinet up a few times. Even played a few scales. Also I started on an arrangement of — no, not the Chaconne from Holst’s Second Suite; the Song Without Words from Holst’s First Suite. (The original score to the latter, but not the former, is available online via Goolge Books.) That’s about all, though, and that’s not much.

3. I brought my knitting to NN, but I didn’t knit a stitch. Knitting resolutions in January are even worse than most. If you’ve been doing a bunch of knitting with a December 25 deadline, it’s easy to want to slack off after that. Slacking back on is the hard part. An object at rest tends to remain at rest…


5. I’m doing fabulously well at this one so far.


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