Santa, down under

Over on Ravelry there’s a group doing a Secret Santa yarn swap. My package arrived today, nine days after leaving Queensland, Australia, home of I believe the only Australian (indeed, I think, the only resident of the Southern Hemisphere) in the swap, MissVicki. She sent this:

The box

What have we here? Have a look:

The contents

Colorful darning needles, two chocolate bars, holiday theme stitch markers, several little bags of doll eyes (guess I’m supposed to knit more critters), a card, an explanatory letter, and, oh yeah, some yarn:

The yarn

Two balls of Moda Vera Corn, which is called “Corn” because it’s made of… corn (but by “corn” do they mean what Americans mean, or what English people mean?). I’ve never seen this before — no surprise, it’s an Australian product — very intriguing! The color’s a little off in the picture, at least on my screen: the real stuff’s got a little more orange to it. Nice! Now, what’s the other one?


Handspun! 100% merino, spun by MissVicki herself. Wow!

Thank you, Santa! Love it!

Edit: Not that it matters, but there in fact seem to be three southern hemisphere residents (all in Australia) in the swap.


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