Stegosaurus and brachiosaurus

I started knitting the stegosaurus (from the Prehistoric Pals pattern) last month, but put it on hold to finish the projects that need to be mailed. Which I have (finished) and they have been (mailed. I woke at 7:52 this morning, which is way late for me, and cursed because I wanted to be at the post office when it opened at 8:00, because I didn’t want to find out how jammed they were going to be today. Threw on some clothes, grabbed the packages, and headed out into the 7°F morning. The post office wasn’t jammed yet. As for the grocery store, when I went there around 2:30 this afternoon, there were a lot of people in the aisles but the checkout lines were short and fast — I suppose they had all registers in operation, I didn’t check. Anyway, not as crazy as I expected given the sometimes-alaruming, constantly-inconstant forecasts for the incoming northeaster.

(Where was I?

(Oh, right.) I resumed work on the legs, which were all I had left to do, a few days ago and finally sewed all four on this morning. One of them twice. It was way off where I wanted it to be, making the dinosaur seriously asymmetric, not to mention splay-legged, and though my wife opined that its four year old recipient would never notice, I noticed, dammit, and I moved it.

So it’s done.

Stegosaurus Stegosaurus

Complete dino photos here.


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