Or maybe not

I signed up to bring bread to the band dinner. Sunday night I fed the sourdough starter. Monday it was not looking especially lively, though not dead either. Monday night I made up bread dough with the starter and some yeast…

And it didn’t rise.

Tuesday morning I stopped in at Columbus Bakery and bought two loaves of Italian bread.

Last night Heather was supposed to meet me around 6:00 at Kenny’s dojo, and I would go to the dinner from there. She had an insane day at work, couldn’t get to the dojo before about 6:35. It was raining, had been all day, and the forecast was for sleet and freezing rain.

I decided maybe this wasn’t meant to happen.

So I didn’t go. Took Kenny home, had dinner there (homemade split pea soup and Columbus Italian bread, ice cream and hot fudge sauce (also homemade) for dessert), watched four episodes of Stargate: Atlantis (season 1), and went to bed.


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