One size fits mice

No, you have not see the last of those three skeins of Super Saver:

Jayne hat ornament

The pattern calls it a brooch, but I made it as a Christmas tree ornament. I knit it in the round, using slightly larger needles than the pattern called for — I thought 3.75 mm (US 5) was small enough for the yarn weight. Wasn’t too sure about starting the ear flaps. The pattern’s instructions didn’t seem to be quite consistent with what I thought I knew about picking up stitches. So I made up something, and it seemed to work. The pom pom is probably too big, but so what? Call it a big damn pom pom.

I have to get back to the stegasaurus (not today, we’re baby sitting the recipient) and make Kenny’s tyrannosaurus, and possibly a triceratops too, and that’ll be quite enough of the Super Saver for a good long time. I’d be happy to do the t-rex and triceratops in a different yarn, but Kenny’s specifically requested the red.


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