Not with a fff

Monday evening Kenny kept saying Tuesday would be a snow day, and I kept telling him I didn’t think so. Tuesday I got up and found out it was a snow day. We got 8.4 inches, or rather, the airport, where Syracuse’s snowfall is measured, did. Then again, the airport got 5 inches Saturday and we got maybe an inch and a half at our house. But 8 or 10 inches Tuesday seems about right. School was cancelled, and we chose not to take Kenny to karate that evening. We did go to work, of course. Driving was fairly nasty.

And Tuesday evening’s Christmas concert was cancelled. It was one of only two concerts between summer and the end of the year, so the cancellation was disappointing, but the weather necessitated it. A few pieces I didn’t mind not having to play, though. With one exception the Christmas music was brought out two rehearsals ago. Most of the band has played them every year, I guess, and they don’t need a lot of work. I found a couple of them challenging, the rest not so much, and none very inspiring. Right down at the bottom was one called “Christmas Sing-Along” which aside from any overall musical merit it might or might not have has a third clarinet part I would classify as dreadful. To counteract boredom I tried counting the number of notes above the first register break in the entire piece; I came up with seven. (I think the highest is fourth line D, and that only once.) I didn’t need to count measures rest: there are two at the beginning, four a little later, and then none after that. It’s a challenging piece, but only in that it’s a test of sheer endurance.

Next week is the band pot luck, and then we’re off until March.


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