A good weekend

Kenny had Wednesday off from school, so I took him to day care. I left work early, picked him up, and took him with me to the Apple Store where I handed over my MacBook for repair. The hard drive’s hosed. Not a disaster. It’s under AppleCare, and nothing on the drive that was of great importance is not also on my desktop Mac, which is backed up nightly, and I can function without the laptop. It does mean we are down a DVD player, which is significant when you have about ten Stargate SG-1 DVDs and one Battlestar Galactica DVD to watch. Really the only other DVD player we have is on the iMac (the one in the living room works, but the remote doesn’t) so I had a fair amount of enforced time AFK.

Which probably explains how much knitting got done: most of a stegosaurus (what do you call a stegosaurus with no legs?) and the last portion of a hat.

Anyway, after the Apple Store, we had dinner, Kenny rode the carousel, and we went to his piano lesson. Knit, purl, knit, purl.

Thanksgiving was just the three of us, and we spent much of the day cooking. I made crusts for four pies and filled and baked two. (Cherry, and raspberry cherry. I’d’ve done pumpkin or squash, but Heather’d beaten me to it a few days before.) There was turkey, rice, cranberries, and mashed potatoes. Turkey was a Plainville one (local), fresh not frozen, more expensive by an order of magnitude than the loss leader frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but I felt better about it. It was good.

Friday we… what the heck did we do Friday? It snowed. We stayed in. Lazy day, I guess. Oh, and we didn’t buy anything. I think that’s the day I worked on the SEKRIT KARATE BELT DISPLAY.

Saturday Kenny went to karate — usually he goes Tuesdays and Thursdays, but Thursday class was cancelled for some strange reason. This was Buddy Week, where students can bring guests for a class, and Tuesday Kenny brought… his mother. Guess whose turn it was Saturday? It was fun, though I landed a kick (on the Wavemaster) wrong and slightly jammed a toe. Kenny got a belt tip to show progress toward the next belt and two stars for bringing in two buddies. We did a bit of shopping afterward, but that’s a SEKRIT. Between that and Amazon I’ve got presents for Heather covered.

Yesterday we mostly stayed in too. In fact Heather didn’t leave the house for four days altogether, except once to move a car. I did go out to buy some glue, and while out stopped at the dollar store for wrapping paper and other such stuff. The glue was for a bookshelf I built to hang on a wall of the study. It won’t withstand even cursory examination for woodworking quality, but it should do the job. Or part of the job: it doesn’t by any means erase our shelf deficit. It should enable clearing a few square feet of floor, though. And I started painting the belt display.

That was pretty much that. Fairly relaxed. I’m all ready for a new week of work. Ha, ha.

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