They’re gone

A week ago Sunday, during some brisk winds, one of our trees came down. It was a poplar, a tree inclined to fall over if it’s not careful where it’s going, and it was pretty much dead anyway.

Here you see it while it was still standing, marked with a green arrow:

The red arrows mark five other poplars, in varying states of unhealth, and the blue marks a maple that was trying to become one with the machine shed roof. Heather’s father had said, and maybe even meant it seriously, he thought it was helping hold the machine shed up. Okay, the machine shed’s in poor shape, but not that poor. As for why the poplars hadn’t been taken down, sheer inertia. This despite the proximity of some of them to the driveway — you can probably tell that car would definitely not like it if one of the poplars to the left decided to come down in just the right direction.

We called several arborists and two got back to us quickly. They came, looked, and gave estimates: one was about four times the other. At first the low estimate seemed too low, but on further thought it was one guy (the other had a crew of four or so) with limited equipment (the other had a lot of capital in equipment); he also was, unlike the high estimate guy, not the new owner of a piece of property in Florida. His price started to seem less unreal.

So we gave him the job, and he did it yesterday. The machine shed’s still standing.

Later we’ll probably remove some of the crowded trees on the left (one of those fell down a couple years ago) and maybe a few others elsewhere.


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