Did I mention the Cooperstown gig with Thornden and the Harridans? Or the Garlic Festival with Binghamton and Bouwerie? Or the Harvest Home Tour with Binghamton and the Harridans? Don’t make me go back and check, OK? They happened. They were fine.

This past weekend was the Foggy Bottom Morris Men’s 30th anniversary celebration. Originally there were going to be seven BMM dancers going, and one musician, but then one dancer realized he had a longstanding family commitment the same weekend and another found out his wife’s mother’s husband or some quasi relation like that had about two weeks to live and another decided his plantar fasciitis was too severe for dancing and we were down to four of us. Meanwhile the Bouwerie Boys had only five dancers and no musicians able to go. So we went and helped each other out, since we have repertoire in common and have danced together on the ATM and at the Garlic Festival for years.

Also present were, let’s see, Rock Creek, Charm City, Shepherdstown, Hicks With Sticks, Juggler Meadow, Wake Robin, Kingsessing, Mason-Dixon, and, all the way from Seattle, Mossyback. Did I leave any out? Probably.

I drove to Binghamton and met up with Ken, Bob, and Chris, and we all went from there in Ken’s van. It rained the whole way down — six hours from Binghamton, arriving midnight — a miserable trip. But Saturday morning the rain stopped and we had great weather from there on.

The Saturday tour started in Relay, near Baltimore, at Clipper City Brewery. There was a brewery tour which I opted out of. Having toured numerous breweries in my time and two in the past year, I decided I’d rather stay in the pub. I’d bought tickets for six “samples” for $5, expecting samples to be a couple ounces, but no: about a half pint each. I only used four of my tickets and was well buzzed at that, before noon yet, especially after the Storm Watch at 7 point something percent alcohol. Good beer, generally, though the pirate-themed marketing made me cringe. Along with the sample tickets I got a free beer glass. Best five bucks I’ve spent in ages. I spent another ten on a discontinued long sleeve tee, because I love long sleeve tees (size XL) for sleeping in but rarely find them for a reasonable price.

From there we went to Fells Point and danced in the square and outside various pubs. Lunch was at Bertha’s, as in Eat Bertha’s Mussels. Then back to Relay for a feast at the Town Hall.

Sunday’s dancing was in Washington, starting at Union Station and continuing at, do I have this right? Freedom Square, where we danced an enormous Chipping Campden Country Dance. We had a beer at the Elephant and Castle and then started the trek home — among the first to leave, but we had a long trip and most of us were working Monday. Fortunately the drive back was considerably more pleasant than the drive down.

I had my worries about the weekend, given the distance and the paucity of numbers for our team, but it turned out I had a great time. We danced well, and we saw some excellent dancing: I was particularly taken by the solid, tight, and energetic performances by Rock Creek. And it was great seeing some faces (heck, entire bodies) I haven’t seen in years.


3 thoughts on “DC

  1. A few years ago I heard a report about a Garlic Festival, and the reviewer was pleasantly surprised about the ice cream, and I’ve always been curious since.


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