Heather’s mom (Sue) and Sue’s boyfriend (Al) have been in New York this past week or so, and today we and they and Heather’s sister (Rachel) and nephews (Mitchell and Sam) drove to Utica, boarded an excursion train to Forestport, ate lunch there (with birthday cake), took the train back to Utica, and drove home. I’ve never been much for leaf peeping but it was a pleasant day trip. Weather was ridiculous: 76 F, sunny. I’m just waiting for a rerun of last year when warm weather kept the Great Lakes warm until mid January, and then abruptly colder air switched the lake effect machine on. Fortunately, as of Tuesday, we no longer own a house in the worst of the lake effect area, and we no longer have a 35 mile commute each way.

I’m getting some CDs from Amazon, courtesy of Sue and Al. Kenny gave me a castles calendar, and Heather says now that I’ve taken up knitting she no longer has to puzzle over what to get me. She gave me 25 skeins of yarn.

Friday, to celebrate the house sale, I splurged on a new paper towel holder. Saturday I bought a refrigerator.

Saturday we also bought six pecks of apples, a gallon of maple syrup, and about 15 or 20 pumpkins.


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