Dual core computing engine

At a garage sale today I picked up this:

I had a mechanical calculator similar to this when I was a kid, one with I think more digits. You enter numbers with a stylus to add and subtract. With my old one if you wanted to multiply or divide you were basically out of luck. This one can do it though. How? Flip it over and…

There you go.

Okay, a Curta it ain’t, and I’m sure K&E lost no sleep over this thing, but for fifty cents I figured I’d take it home.

More photos here.


3 thoughts on “Dual core computing engine

    1. The Kingson is nearly identical to what I’ve got, though mine is marked “Made in Japan” and has enough small differences that it looks as if one is a knockoff of the other rather than the same OEM product under two names.


    2. Somebody gave me one of those a few years ago (not the kind with a slide rule on the back) with some comment along the lines of “I didn’t know what it was, and I knew you would, and would be amused by it.” In essence an addiator is a pocket abacus. The ancient Romans had metal hand-abacuses with captive beads in slots that must have served very similar purposes. This page says that varying base is unique to these Roman abacuses, but that pounds-shillings-pence-farthings calculator you linked to does basically the same thing, albeit much later.


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