The Eddie Van Halen of News Aggregators

I have Google News set up to show me news stories that contain the word “accordion”. Once in a while it tries to show me stories about zoning regulations for accordion shutters, or AJAX accordion widgets, or something, but usually it comes up with articles about accordion players.

This morning we have:

David Munnelly the Eddie Van Halen of the accordion

from the Muskegon Chronicle; it’s about a musician appearing at the Michigan Irish Music Festival. Okay, fine.

But some insight into the workings (if that’s the right word) of Google News may be gleaned from the “related articles” also listed:

VAN HALEN: High-Quality Rehearsal Photos Posted Online – Sep. 15, 2007, NY – Sep 15, 2007
More photos have been posted online from the current VAN HALEN tour rehearsals, which are taking place in Los Angeles. Check out these high-quality pictures
EDDIE VAN HALEN’s Ex-Wife: ‘I’m Incredibly Proud’ Of WOLFGANG’s, NY – Sep 14, 2007
Eddie Van Halen’s ex-wife, actress Valerie Bertinelli, was a guest on the “Rachael Ray” show on Tuesday (September 11), where she discussed Wolfgang Van

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