Heather left Thursday for DragonCon, and came back Monday.

Friday I took the day off and went with Kenny to the New York State Fair. It was mostly a day of letting Kenny have his way, within limits: he rode the bumper cars (twice), an inflatable slide (twice), the carousel, a thing where you strap on a harness with elastic attached and bounce to about 15 feet above an air bag, and the big ferris wheel (with me); he played two “games” (cheapo prize every time); we watched a guy use a treadle lathe (Kenny got a handmade top), looked at cattle and poultry, played a player piano, looked at model trains, looked at real train cars (twice), watched part of a magic act, watched bicycle and skateboard tricks, watched a juggling/unicycle act, went through a house carved out of a redwood trunk, fed giraffes, putted golf balls, and ate: pizza, more pizza, lemonade, soda, Gatorade, ice cream, maple sno-cone, maple cotton candy.

Over the long weekend Kenny went to the beach (Sandy Pond) twice with his grandfather. I mowed the lawn. I harvested two, count ’em, two ears of corn — very small ears; I probably should have planted the corn sooner and maybe fertilized better, but they did taste good. I took down the hops vines, finally figured out (I’m pretty sure) which was which variety, discarded the Nuggets — which should’ve been harvested a week or more ago — and harvested, dried, and froze the Kent Goldings. I picked tomatoes. I replaced the missing light in the window in Kenny’s room, and re-puttied all six lights in that sash. (Lots more sashes to go.) I bought groceries, and materials for some shelves. I watched the latest episode of Sanctuary and the last ten episodes of “Stargate SG-1” season 5.

Kenny and I went to the playground before going to pick up Heather at the airport.

I think he got worn out — I outslept him this morning.


3 thoughts on “LDWKD

  1. That’s about as pitiful as the number of tomatoes I got this year. Someone gave us a new corn variety to try this year and I really liked it. It’s an early white/yellow Jubilee-very sweet, firm kennels.


    1. Well, there were only about 6 or 8 corn stalks, and one ear got eaten before I got to it. We didn’t have much time for putting in a garden in the spring. I only cleared a few square feet for the corn and four pumpkin vines, which died in August. Squash vine borer is the theory. One of them did produce a pumpkin though — pale orange, and about the size of an apple…


      1. Oh, and tomatoes? Heather and Kenny planted cherry, grape, and Roma tomatoes. We got lots. Very lots. We’ll be eating lots of sauce this winter.


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