Hither and thither, blither blither

Yesterday evening I left work at Syracuse University (in Syracuse) and went home (to Onondaga Hill). Fortunately I didn’t first have to go to Stone’s Throw Farm (in South Onondaga) to get this week’s veggies; Tom and Karin offered to do that. I got the mail, picked up my clarinet and music stand and band vest (I was already wearing the white shirt and black trousers), got back in the car, and went to Kenny’s day care (also in Onondaga Hill). After picking up Kenny I went to the New New School in DeWitt. (Kenny’s school, the New School, is moving to DeWitt from the building it’s been in the past 19 years or so in Syracuse.) There I met Heather, who was working on filling in the ruts in the play yard, and left Kenny with her. Then I headed west. Since I was a little ahead of schedule, I stopped at Home Depot (in Camillus) to check some lumber prices, browse the tools (nothing interesting), and sneer at the installation desk. Then I headed on to the Canton Woods seniors home (in Baldwinsville).

Our concert there went pretty well, I think. I came closer to playing all the notes in Grainger’s “Handel in the Strand” than ever before — didn’t get seriously lost even once. The audience liked us.

Then I went home (still Onondaga HIll).


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