Off the market

I know better from experience than to think we have anything like a done deal at this point, but… today, 8 days after our house went on the market, we accepted an offer on it. After seller’s concessions we’re getting within $300 of our hoped-for price (which was about $3000 below our listing price), which will give us enough to pay off the mortgage and pay the realtors’ commissions, plus a little extra toward the carpeting. If the home inspection turns up things they want us to fix, well, that’ll cost us. Or if it turns up a lot, that could kill the sale, of course… but we’ve been told another buyer wants to be notified if that happens!

Fingers crossed, but maybe we’ll be out from under that mortgage by mid September. Way sooner than I thought, and a higher sale price than I expected.


4 thoughts on “Off the market

    1. There are no chickens, or ducks. Most of what we had last summer got eaten by something, and I think there was one left by fall which we gave away. At the “new” place (which has been in the family since the 1940s and on the planet since the 1830s) the one semi reasonable place we currently have to house chickens would be the stall we built for the goats in 2003, but besides needing modifications for that, it would also need to be emptied — it’s full of stuff belonging to Heather’s aunt right now. We might get more chickens and/or ducks in a year or two. And bees. We do have a woodchuck the size of a Cooper Mini, though.


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