Garden report

Something ate the cucumber plants.

The hops are flowering. So are the zucchini. So far, the pumpkins aren’t.

Garlic harvest soon.

The watermelon plant I ran over with the lawnmower is still alive. So is the one I didn’t.

The Moorpark apricot is still dead.

The tomatoes seem to be doing well. So’s the anise.

The corn’s not knee high yet, but it went in late.

The slugs still like the pepper leaves.

We’re in the midst of blackcap season; we’ve picked several quarts already, with lots more coming.

No plums this year.

No apples this year.


One thought on “Garden report

  1. We got our first tomato yesterday. We’ve had lots of green beans, and the sunflowers are growing. No plums or apples for us either, or pears. Or wild cherries, it would appear. However, we have picked a gallon of blackberries so far, so I will be able to make some hooch this year.


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