Hopped up

Last fall I dug up four of the hops we’d planted at the Parish house and put them in the garden at the Onondaga house. Three of them now have sprouted — one has several stems going with the longest close to a foot. So I do need to set up something to support strings for them to climb. I bought materials today.

It’d be nice if I knew what varieties they were. Two of the four were Kent Goldings and two were Nugget — and once the cones come in I’m reasonably sure I can tell them apart… but telling which is which is another matter. I thought I’d written it down; turns out I wrote down which pots I put them into, but not which pots I put where in the ground. Sigh.

Of the fruit trees we planted here in or around 2002-3, at least three apples have survived — another two are still standing but aren’t showing much sign of life. One of the three living apples is in the front yard, as is an apricot: both alive but neither thriving; they’re still very small. (Last spring or the one before I found both had been apparently chewed on by deer enough that I wrote them off as dead, so merely being still alive is pretty good.) The apricot in back looks pretty healthy, and I think that was another tree I’d thought dead at one point. The champion is Stanley the plum tree, which is by far the tallest of them all and last year produced a dozen or so plums. Stanley’s doing okay this year too, apparently. The pear out front was declared dead by Heather and cut down, as were one or two other apples.

Most of the fruit trees at the Parish house seem to have made it, though there was at least one fatality.

The garlic Heather planted is up, and she was out there weeding today. That’s about all the gardening we’ve done. Our gardening ambitions are low this year, though I may try planting a few things later this month.


4 thoughts on “Hopped up

  1. Update: Hop #4 is up! Have I mentioned I had trouble in the past with growing hops bought locally, but these which I got from Freshops were fine? (So were some hops my wife bought in a planter at the home center, but we never knew what variety they were. They’re staying in Parish, climbing the arbor on the path to the front door.)


  2. Since you grow hops, I thought you might find it useful that I have recently created a Yahoo group dedicated exclusively to discussions about growing hops and related matters, plus links to many hop growing articles, etc.; we recruited 88 members in just our first week, so this should become a large group with a large pool of knowledge. If interested, please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Grow-Hops Thanks. Bill Velek


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