Hello, bed

After a separation of nearly two months, we’re back together with our furniture. We’d brought Kenny’s bed and the kitchen table and chairs here — and we took over a couple of items left over from the Great Divide — but that was it until yesterday and today when we unloaded the PODS container. Yesterday Heather and I got nearly half the container unloaded — but I injured my back doing so, and the heavy half remained to be done. With our friends Fred and Kate, we did the rest tonight (me specializing in the lighter stuff).

Fred and Kate were two of the ones who helped load on Saturday, and I told them if they want anyone dead, let me know.

Granted, all this furniture isn’t in its proper place. My dresser is lying atop the (truncated) Hoosier cabinet, and the guest bed mattress is at this moment standing vertical a few inches from the chair I’m in. But it’s all in the house and the container is empty.

Sunday we put up the mailbox, though not until yesterday morning did I screw it down and cover the “1413” with “3949”. We’d bought the box for our previous house, where a plow had demolished the box just before we moved in, but the town put up a replacement before we could — in Oneida County, we found out, snowplow-destroyed mailboxes get replaced by the the town. So we’ve had this box, with “1413” on it, sitting around waiting for 3 1/2 years. Since mid February our mail’s been forwarded to this address and held at the post office — that was supposed to be for 30 days maximum, but they were lenient. Heather informed them yesterday morning that the new box was up, and by that evening there was mail in it.

I made the mailbox post out of treated 4×4 we bought four years ago for a goat shed that never got built — long story, but we’ve been living off the goat shed materials ever since. It involved My Very First Tenon. A quick and dirty hack, but it’ll do… and when I took a look at the old mailbox and post, still in the machine shed where they got tossed after a plow knocked them down, I decided if that kludge could stay up more than a week, mine ought to be good for years. Knock wood.


2 thoughts on “Hello, bed

  1. Lift with the legs and not with the back. And do stretching exercises beforehand. We’re geezers now. About the only thing left of the judo I did as a kid is the stretching exercises….


    1. I wasn’t so much lifting as trying to haul a hand truck, loaded with a dryer, up the stairs. Well, maybe that’s lifting. Anyway, the back was more or less necessarily involved. Also, I’d hurt my back a week earlier, trying to sleep in a reclining chair because I had a cold and was coughing too much and keeping Heather awake. Of course, if we’d had our furniture here, I could’ve slept in the guest bed. Or I could’ve slept on the Thermarest pad. Which I did, for the next couple nights. Anyway, that injury stopped hurting after about two days of back exercises, the lumbar roll, the aforementioned Thermarest pad, and generally taking it easy. With any luck the same will be true this time…


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