Close the pod bay door

Today we and five friends/relations filled up a 16 foot PODS container with, mostly, furniture. We managed to get nearly all our furniture into it. There’s still tons of stuff to be moved, we haven’t decided when or how — but the furniture will arrive here Monday. We’ll have a bed again. And the washer and dryer — so we won’t have to decide whether to put up with going to a laundromat or driving 40 miles to the Parish house once a week to do laundry.

Going the PODS route cost considerably more than renting a truck (per cubic meter: a truck similar in size would’ve cost a little less if we made a couple of trips). On the other hand, we’re spared having to drive the truck (backing into the driveway here especially), we don’t need to rush to get everything done by Monday morning, and one thing I didn’t really appreciate until I tried it: No ramp. The container floor is just a couple inches off the ground. That’s a major plus.


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