Bold Slasher

In comes I, the Slasher Bold
The evillest man on Earth if truth be told
I’ve murdered men in Germany, Belgium and Mexico
Now I’m come to Ithaca to murder Mario
I’ve robbed and pillaged, and I’ve killed men on the sly
I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die
If anyone bids me stand I’ll smack him small as dust
And send him to the cook shop to make mince pie crust
So come and fight, Mario the bold,
And if your blood be hot, I will soon make it cold.

(Fight, Slasher dies, doctor revives him)

Back I am from death, cut down in my prime
So let’s rejoice, and make the best of our allotted time.

Bad photo but you get the idea:


One thought on “Bold Slasher

  1. (*Sigh* Man, I’ve got some weird friends.) My head is made of iron, My body’s lined with steel: I’m come to fight thee, King George, All in this open field.


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