The shed, she move

Our shed’s back at Onondaga Hill. It was moved on Friday. No trucks got stuck in mud despite dire predictions (or mire predictions) on the part of a certain driver. Said shed, by the way, is 12′ by 16′ by 10′ high, and it was moved on what appeared to be a large pickup truck with a tilting flat bed. I was expecting something larger. The driver clearly remembered delivering the shed in, I think, late 2002 (he lost a mud flap) and moving it in 2003 (we gave him his mud flap back). And not with great joy either, but that’s what he gets paid for.

Meanwhile there’s less stuff inside the house at the hill. We spent some time Wednesday and Sunday helping move some of Bill’s stuff into his new apartment. Most of his stuff, I guess, given that it’s an efficiency and there just isn’t room for a lot more. Also, Heather’s cousin loaded up a truck on Saturday and hauled stuff away to Pennsylvania. So is the house practically empty? Ha. But emptier.


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