Empty shed

The Aunts have had another session, talk of prolonging the process further was quashed emphatically, allegedly one (the one who’s out of town but in America) will be back with a son and a truck to get her share.

Bill has committed himself to an apartment.

The Onondaga Hill house moves toward vacancy.

Heather called the people who built our shed and who moved it from the Hill to Parish when we moved. They’ll move it back. Possibly this week. So yesterday we emptied it in preparation. It’d be nice if we could fill it in preparation, but that’s not how it works.

Inside the shed, besides our stuff, was a squirrel nest and 43,718 black walnuts. Heh.

Also I took down and stacked the last of the goat pen panels (and pulled loose the spare panels that’d turned into a trellis for squash vines over the summer.) And Heather’s packed our paperback books.

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